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Top 3 Living Room Lighting Ideas

 If you are addicted to a couch or sofa, the living room is the perfect place. It’s the only place in your house which holds millions of memories with your family and friends. The living room is one of the largest areas in your entire house. A place where you love to spend time with your family or loved ones. A perfect place for entertainment like watching TV, playing video games and hosting a party you can do various types of activities in your living room. For a comfortable living room experience you should, must focus on living room lighting because it’s a place where you host many activities, for hosting all these activities you will need a perfect lighting set-up that you can change according to your moods or requirement.


 Importance of lighting in your living rooms-


 Perfect lighting will give your living room a whole new look and make it more beautiful. You need to choose and install the best-led light for your living rooms so that you and your family members can sit there and relax because excess lights or improper lighting can cause discomfort. A great interior lighting combination can improve mood and gives relaxation. You can highlight your photographs or art collection with the help of wall lights. You can use dimmer led light which is best for entertainment purposes like watching movies. If you love to read books then you must use a floor lamp, place it near your sofa in your living room and enjoy reading it will not only help in reading but also make your living room more stylish.


 While designing and decorating your living room no one focus on the corner of their living they completely ignored it. Due to their ignorance, an empty corner looks dull, or it may create a bad impression about your living room. 

We will tell you some living room corner decor ideas-

 1. Art corner

 2. Bookshelves

 3. Flower arrangements

 4. Hanging chairs

 5. Family photographs

 6. Use a mirror with a beautiful frame design


 If you want to make some changes in your living room lighting without spending too much money then you should go for led lights. Led lights have great brightness capacity as compared to normal lighting because it has a higher amount of lumens per wattage. Before buying a led light or bulbs you should check the colour temperature of led lights like 3000k is warm white, 4000k is naturally white and 6000k is cool white.


 Types of living room lights-

 Ambient lighting

 Task lighting

 Accent lighting


 Ambient Lighting –

 It is also known as general lighting which is used to provide overall illumination in your entire living room. If you have a high-ceiling living room, you should also go for chandeliers or large pendant light just above the centre table. If you want a contemporary light then you should go for track light. Ambient lighting can attach with dimmers, so you can control the brightness of light according to your moods.


 Ambient lights for your living rooms include-

 Chandeliers are the best suitable for high-ceiling living rooms.

 The pendant light is best for high ceiling

 Wall sconces for the side of the room



 Task Lighting-

 Task lighting is used to illuminate a specific area for a specific function. Suppose if you want or love to read books in living rooms then a floor lamp is the best option for you, you should simply place it near your couch and enjoy reading. If you use a desk for your work then you should use table lamps for the living room desk.



 Accent Lighting-

 Accent lighting is also known as highlighting, which helps in drawing attention to a specific area such as bookshelves, plants, arts and sculpture, and it will give your living room a finishing touch. It has more illumination capability as compared to ambient lighting. You can use wall lights for the living room to highlight the colour or corner of a room or a spotlight for highlighting photographs. If you have a mirror then use a mirror led light for the living room mirror and to give more finishing touches to your living room then you should use Elegance and Flair Indoor wall lights.