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Warranty Policy


This policy applies to all sales by [Savera Enterprises, ORLO Electronics Pvt Ltd., Ltd and its
subsidiaries] (“ORLO”) of ORLO branded lighting products.


ORLO guarantees that the quality of the products sold by it conform to Bureau
Indian Standard (BIS,India) standards.

If the products delivered by ORLO cannot be used due to poor quality caused by manufacturing, the
dealer/distributor shall collect the defective products, and compensate after the approval of ORLO,

that is, replace the defective products with new ones of the same type and quantity, and the defective
products shall be returned to ORLO by the dealer/distributor.

The above Indemnification applies only to products themselves and does not cover any other losses
of the dealer/distributor or third party.

The dealer/distributor must take all reasonable measures to be responsible for the local after-sales
service of ORLO products and maintain the brand image and reputation of ORLO.


All Products (except Bulbs and Outdoor Strip Lights) : Standard Warranty period for all
ORLO branded products (except Bulbs) is 2 Years* (24 Months from end user invoice date).

All Bulb ranges (0.5w bulb to 40W bulb) :Bulbs bear a limited warranty period of 1 Year* (12
Months from end user invoice date)
All Outdoor Strip Ranges : AC220V Rope Light : Outdoor Strip Lights AC220V bear a limited warranty
period of 1 Year* (12 Months from end user invoice date)

* For all practical purposes; the Warranty Period applicable to the Products sold by ORLO to its
authorized dealers / distributors shall be deemed to commence on the date that is at max (6) months
from the date on which that Product is manufactured as specified on the labelling of the relevant

4. Warranty Coverage

DELHI/NCR Warranty:

ORLO provides an on-site warranty in Delhi/NCR region for all its products except Bulbs & Battens.
Bulb & Battens are considered a back-to-base warranty. Distributors/Dealers/Retailers are
encouraged to send back all defective Bulbs/Battens by issuing a debit note to the Company.
All Dealers/Distributors are encouraged to ask end-customers to use ORLO Toll Free number to book
and arrange on-site visit for all under-warranty products (except bulbs & battens).

All India (Outside Delhi/NCR) :

ORLO provides a back-to-base warranty to all its distributors/dealers outside Delhi/NCR region for all
its products.

ORLO products come with a “Piece-To-Piece” Warranty, so a defective product shall be replaced by
the same new product or a debit note shall be issued with the current prevalent price of the product.

* For any ORLO branded products; items with external control gear (driver); in-case of a fault only the
driver shall be replaced in case of driver fault, and fitting shall be replaced in case of fault within the
LED module/Chip.

* For any ORLO branded products; items with internal control gear (driver); entire fitting shall be
Distributors/Dealers/Retailers are encouraged to send back all defective products/material by issuing
a debit note to the Company. No products shall be sent back by raising a sales invoices, and ORLO
will not accept Sales Invoices against returned goods. Only Debit note shall be accepted.


ORLO disclaims all liabilities for any claim by a dealer / dealer/distributor or End Customer under this
Policy where any damage is caused (whether to the Product or otherwise) by:

1). the improper use, maintenance or safekeeping by the Purchaser or an End Customer (including,
for example, failure to install or use the Products in accordance with the Product specifications or as
set out by Indian standards (BIS, India) website including without limitation, connecting wires
incorrectly, using the Products with voltage over 250V or a non-rated load, or using the Products in
other inappropriate circumstances such as in abnormally high temperatures, wet conditions, or in a
corrosive environment);

2).a force majeure event including, without limitation, a strike, lockout, fire, riot, war, act of God,
inability to obtain materials, components or supplies, failure or breakdown of manufacturing
machinery, production scheduling delays, government regulations or other conditions;

3).any rust, mildew, defect or damage due to poor storage conditions or improper use/management;

4).using non-original ORLO auxiliary products, for example, using ORLO light source products with
other brands of electronic components;

5).disassembling or modifying the Product without authorization;

6).failing to maintain the original purchasing vouchers or valid invoices; or the Product model in the
Product certification or specification being altered such that it is no longer inconsistent with that of the
Product under repair.

Standard charges will apply to the provision of any services provided by ORLO or its dealers /
dealer/distributors for any repair or maintenance required should any of the above circumstances


If any of ORLO’s Purchaser, authorized dealer/dealer/distributor or End Customer intends to purchase
an Extended Warranty Period for Products, the parties involved shall be discussed in addition based
on mutual agreement, and provided in writing to the interested parties.


Any catalogue, specification or price form or other similar documentation prepared by ORLO is
provided strictly for the convenience of the user and shall not be deemed to constitute an offer to
sell. While ORLO believes such documentation is complete and accurate at the time it is printed, it
does not warrant that such documentation is error free. ORLO disclaims all responsibility for any
damage (including, without limitation, the cost of any labour services) caused in connection with any
error contained in such documentation including, without limitation, measurements, descriptions and
application recommendations.

Products will be shipped in accordance with the standard styles and sizes as described in ORLO’s
catalogues as published from time to time or, in certain circumstances, Products will be made-to-order
in accordance with ORLO’s design and specifications. In the event of a conflict between a
Purchaser's written order and an ORLO design or specification form approved by the Purchaser,
regardless of whether or not such approval is provided in writing, the ORLO design or specification
form shall prevail.