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Light emitting diode is also known as LED. It’s a semiconductor device which is used for lighting purpose. It works when a flow of current pass through it its electron start moving in a semiconductor material. Led always allow the current to pass in forward direction and blocks the current in reverse direction. LEDs lights don’t have filament and they don’t get especially hot while using it. LED lighting is much better than traditional lighting. All the industry over the world know the benefits of led lights. In last 3-4 years even automobile industry is also focus on using Led Lights for their vehicle.  Nowadays automobile customer also attracts towards Led enabled headlight because it has great brightness capacity as compare to normal lighting which was used earlier in Vehicle.It is widely used in every places likes homes, schools, restaurant, Movie Theater and even in commercial places.

We will tell you the benefits of using Led Lighting over an incandescent bulbs or Fluorescent bulbs to make it more clear –

Last Longer –

LED lights last longer than any other bulbs it has a lifespan of over 40,000-60,000 hours while an incandescent bulb  has a lifespan of only up to 2000 hours and a CFL bulb has a lifespan of 7500-20,000 hours. LED bulbs has 40 times more lifetime than over the any other bulbs.

Energy Efficient-

Best advantage of using LED lights is that its energy efficient. When you start using a LED bulb it consumes less electricity and you can save up to 80% of your electricity and in some cases you can save up to 90% it’s depending upon which type of LED you are using. The Benefits of Led lights is directly considered as a financial savings.

Operating Conditions-

Led bulbs can operate in cold weather while fluorescent bulb require more electricity or voltage to operate in cold weather conditions. You can also see there is small LED bulbs inside your fridge or in a cold container because it has ability to operate in a low temperature.

High brightness and  intensity-

Led bulbs has more lumen as compare to incandescent and CFL bulb. It has over 4000 lumen that’s why it has capability of emitting a good brightness level.

Environmental Factor-

It is important that we should take care of our environment and we should use eco friendly products. Led Lights or bulbs is eco-friendly product because it has a great lifespan and consume less electricity and that’s why it has less impact on our environment.

Instant Lighting Supply-

Do you remember earlier when everyone was using a fluorescent bulb..? When you switch on for lighting it takes two or three seconds to emits lights and when you switch it off it takes times. But in case of LEDs lights this things will not happen you turned on switch it emits light instantly and when you switch off the light it close instantly. There are no chances that it is affected by frequent switching. That’s the benefits of led lights you don’t have to wait for it.

Flexibility Designed-

You know earlier LED is using as an indicator of electricity in electrical switch board. It is small in size and can used in many applications likes fridge, laptop, and in many more applications. Its flexible design can give LED a new desired shape according to the uses of consumer like LED bulbs. If you combine more pieces of LED in a wire then it will be a strip lights which you can use it on many function likes Diwali, Christmas and you can also use it on your party.

No Heating Issues-

LED bulb has no heating issues as compare to fluorescent bulb. If you have ever changed your fluorescent light bulb in your home when its switch on, you remember it’s hot you can’t even change it from naked hand you have to use cloth to remove it from holder.